ZM (b.1994, london) is a writer and art critic. she is one half of the white pube, a website she runs with her friend gabrielle de la puente, where they publish reviews and essays about art and culture at large.



nov ‘23wrote an article about the figure of the cowboy, and pedro almodovar’s film: strange way of life

for polyester zine <3

you can read it here

aug ‘23wrote an article about how much i love jai paul

for cracked x dice’s zine: i was there

you can read it online, here

it is a physical zine, i just don’t really know how to get hold of a physical copy :(

oct ‘21wrote a frieze diary for elephant  

‘Frieze Diary #1: “All I See Is Overworked Gallery Staff and Awkward Rich People”‘

you can read it here

sep ‘21wrote an essay about park royal’s shisha bars 

for london’s kitchen, a publication commissioned by panel (glasgow)

you can buy it here, or email me for a pdf :)

jun ‘21wrote a story about going to the beach with karl marx

for TOMA & the old waterworks, down in southend, and their precarious straits program

you can read it OR listen to me read it here

may ‘21wrote some art world erotica (lmao)

for trinity square video (toronto) // it was given a graphic design makeover by philip ocampo

pls email me if u would like a pdf :)

feb ‘21wrote some weird fanfiction

for berwick film and media arts festival

you can read it here

‘18an essay called poem for the kardashians

for lux moving image

pls email if u want a pdf :)

:) :) :) :) :)